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Ripples of the Pacific: Arts from Taitung to Austronesia

In 2023, with the theme of international exchange of South Island crafts, the Taitung County Government planned a special exhibition of "Ripples of the Pacific: Arts from Taitung to Austronesia" that will be held at the "FIND-DESIGN FAIR ASIA". The exhibition that will showcase the diverse art and craft of Taitung, which features five masterpieces from iconic artists, four sets of co-creation artworks, and six works from international resident artists. It will mark the beginning of an in-depth conversation between Taitung and the world, as Art Ripple ripples.

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Curatorial Concept

Restarting the Dialogue within Pacific Cultural

The presentation of craftsmanship is a way to implement traditional wisdom and perpetuate cultural assets. The traditional craft objects are made for daily use, while contemporary crafts have become a carrier that continues the aesthetics of ethnic groups and transforms knowledge systems into knowledge economies. Therefore, adding cultural elements to design products is to extend the image of Taitung referred to the place of cultural utterance . The objects in tribes properly reflect the blending situation of nature and human life, especially mythology and extract the hidden meaning and function of the patterns. Through this exhibition, the dialogue can be restarted.


Curator_Wang, Yu-Hsin

Professor, College of Indigenous Studies, National Donghua University (NDHU )



策展人 王昱心

國立東華大學原住民民族學院 教授


“Ripples of the Pacific”, the first showcase of Taitung Art and Craft in 2023 FIND - Design Fair Asia , open up dialogues with the world.

update: 2023.9.18 

“FIND -Design Fair Asia" will be held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, from September 21st to 23rd. For the first time, the Taitung County Government selects craftsmen to form a team to participate in it, and hold a special exhibition that will showcase the diverse art and craft of Taitung, with the theme of “Ripples of the Pacific - arts from Taitung to Austronesia ” at Booth A25 in Hall C . The exhibition will feature five masterpieces from iconic artists, four sets of co-creation artworks, and six works from international resident artists.


The opening ceremony of the exhibition will be held on September 21st at 2 pm. The ceremony will feature a performance by Sufin, a well-known singer from the Amis tribe, the largest indigenous tribe in Taiwan. Sufin will be performing ancient Amis chants that are sure to captivate the audience. If you’re interested in art and culture, this exhibition is a must-see. It’s an opportunity to witness a diverse range of art forms and crafts unique to Taitung, as well as performances by talented artists.


Magistrate of Taitung County, April Yao, has described Taitung as an irresistible destination with true beauty. The county has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Travelers Review Award for Most Hospitable Destination and City by Not only does Taitung County boast rich natural resources and a pristine environment, but it is also home to a unique indigenous culture that adds to its charm.


Taitung, located in southeastern Taiwan, is home to a rich and diverse array of Austronesian tribal cultures, languages, art, mythology, traditional wisdom, diets, and costumes. The co-creation design has moved this significant generation of innovation towards a greater achievement. Taitung’s cultural heritage is a testament to the region’s unique history and its people’s creativity and ingenuity. This year, the exhibition will be held at FIND Design Fair Asia, which is considered the Asian version of “Salone del Mobile Milano”. The event will mark the beginning of an in-depth conversation between Taitung and the world, as Art Ripple ripples.


The exhibition will be divided into three sections. The first section will feature five local brand representatives: Taitung Dawn Artist Village, Mima’an, Adisi Pottery, Sayfike, and Highway 11 Open Studio. These brands are known for their unique art forms and crafts that are deeply rooted in Taitung’s cultural heritage. The artists will be using a variety of materials to interact with participants on site, including jewelry design, weaving, knitting, and pottery.


Next, a variety of co-creation artworks, including glaze fountain pens and Alpinia zerumbet baskets created by ili Workshop x HEY SHENG and JIAO x YSTUDIO. Additionally, utensils and cutlery will be co-created and redesigned by Orange Moon Studio and Abus Bunun Traditional Weaving Workshop.


The third section of the exhibition will feature a collaboration between international artists themed with Austronesian culture. The art pieces created by Lin Jung-Yi, Hsueh Chia-Chi, and Chou Sheng-Hsien from Taiwan, Wendy Teo, Muhammad Aimanuddin from Malaysia, and Uhila Nai from Tonga are authentic artworks created while they were residents in reciprocal nations. The artists have used various materials such as barks, clay, and metal to create their art pieces. The exhibition is diverse and thriving, corresponding to the Austronesian theme. This is a cross-nation, cross-material, and cross-genre exhibition that you simply cannot miss.


During the exhibition period, there will be live performances at 10:30 am and 2 pm. Sufin Paylang, the lead singer of the well-known band MAFANA, will be performing live. Sufin is known for his heavenly vocals and singing skills. It is said that his family has passed down the spiritual heritage of communication with Amis ancestors to him through his singing. His voice will take you on a journey to our home, where you can experience the unique and heartfelt island culture of Taitung.

Join us at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, from September 21st to September 23rd and be inspired.


Exhibition information:

● Date: 21st to 23rd of September, 2023

● Time: 21st and 22nd Sep. 10:00-18:00, 23rd Sep. 10:00-17:00

● Location: FIND-DESIGN FAIR ASIA / Hall C - A25           

                         LEVEL 1, MARINA BAY SANDS SINGAPORE

●Opening ceremony: 2pm, 21st September


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臺東「南島漣藝」特展將於21日首次於FIND亞洲設計博覽會登場 臺東工藝家群組團參展 開啟與世界交流對話


「FIND亞洲設計博覽會(Design Fair Asia)」將於9月21日至23日在新加坡金沙灣展覽中心登場,臺東縣政府首次帶領臺東在地工藝家群參展,並以「南島漣藝」為主題,規劃在Hall C - A25區展出多樣的臺東工藝,包括5組代表工藝家之作品、4組跨專業媒合工藝共創品、6組國際交流駐村藝術家作品等豐富內容;並訂於展覽首日下午2時,在臺東館展間內辦理開幕表演,邀請臺東阿美族歌手-Sufin吟唱族語古調,歡迎對臺東工藝、文化有興趣的民眾前來參觀,感受並觸動對臺東的想像。




臺東縣府文化處指出,臺東特展內容包括三部分,第一部分為在地代表性品牌,遴選出臺東曙光藝術工作室 Taitung Shuguang Art Studio、米麻岸 Mima'an、九鳥陶燒工作室 Adisi Pottery、賽妃手作坊Sayfike、臺11藝術工作室Highway 11 Open Studio,共5家品牌,內容涵蓋金工玉石設計、毛球與編織、柴燒陶藝等自然媒材,工藝家也會親自在現場直接與觀眾交流。


第二部分為跨專業媒合工藝共創品,包括今年度由一粒工作室ili Workshop x 黑生起司HEY SHENG、角琉璃JIAO x 物外設計YSTUDIO,2組團隊所共創之月桃葉籃與精品琉璃珠鋼筆等作品;以及橘色月亮工作室Orange Moon Studio、阿布斯布農傳統服飾工作室Abus Bunun Traditional Weaving Workshop以設計思維再創作的餐具、餐墊等商品。




臺東館於展覽期間特別規劃每日上午10時30分及下午2時各1場音樂表演,邀請被譽為全臺東最美聲音的阿美族歌手-Sufin Paylang (MAFANA樂團主唱),於現場以走唱方式吟唱族語古謠進行表演,出身祭司家族的Sufin,能哼唱古調與祖靈溝通,歡迎來現場感受臺東獨有的南島文化體驗。





●展覽地點:FIND-DESIGN FAIR ASIA 亞洲設計博覽會 Hall C - A25區域            

                          LEVEL 1, MARINA BAY SANDS SINGAPORE






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